Can’t Stand the Heat: Tacos

My 20th birthday was two days ago and I was lucky enough to be able to spend it in México with my family. I’ve had birthdays in both México and the US, but let me tell you, a birthday in México is incredible. Maybe I’m biased because I’m with my family, and Guadalajara is a big city, and I’m overage here so I can go out to cheap bars.

But me turning 20 means a lot. I’m no longer a teenager and I’m starting a new decade of my life. Most importantly, it means I’m finally cool enough to hang with my older cousins. I even took pictures the night they took me out as proof it happened. Needless to say, when the party ended at 4 a.m., I wanted food. But not just any food. I wanted Late Night.

Unfortunately, finding Mozz Sticks and chicken fingers in México at that hour is a little more than difficult. What they do have a lot of are taco stands. There is a certain beauty in going to taco stands. Depending on the hour, which in our case was 4 a.m., the only people awake and hungry are people coming out of clubs. If you frequent a taco stand, like I do, then you become friends with the workers, like I did. Once, after a summer of going every other night, they even gave me a going away gift!

But even better than the chill vibe the stands let out, is the food. Believe me, coming out of a great party starving, and seeing a taco stand is the best birthday gift I got this year. So today I'm sharing this recipe, because it's the greatest gift to late night there ever was.



Mini tortillas

1/2 lb steak




Optional Toppings (Highly Recommended)


Diced onions

Grilled onions


Hot salsa


Step 1

Prepare the steak. There are many ways to do this, and really any way is valid, but for tacos I've found that marinating them in salt, pepper and lemon for about 10 minutes is the way to go. Grill the steak and when it's well done, dice it into small pieces.


Step 2

Heat both sides of the mini tortillas on a pan until it's just warm and toasty, but avoid leaving it too much time on the pan or they'll crack when you try to eat them. Put a handful of meat on the tortilla then add the toppings you like.


I've been eating tacos like these my whole life and I still get excited every time I come to Mexico and get to eat them. It's the perfect way to end a great night, so I'll definitely be taking this recipe with me to school.

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