Aerosmith rocks Comm. Ave in free outdoor concert

“Hey blondie! What are you doing in my living room?”

Steven Tyler shouted up toward a window of 1325 Commonwealth Avenue on the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 5 during the free Aerosmith concert. You heard me right. Rock and roll legends Aerosmith were in Boston, playing for free. The concert was advertised as a “pre-election day” event; however, there was very little talk of the impending election amidst the sheer rock awesomeness.

The concert was held right in front of the band’s old apartment where they once lived and wrote many of their biggest hits. The street was closed and B-line service was temporarily suspended to make room for the thousands of fans that packed roads and roofs to watch the show. The afternoon began with the unveiling of a plaque recognizing the former home of the rockers. After the stage was driven in and set up for the performance, Tom Brady – who was looking mighty fine – introduced the band with the support of the Patriots' cheerleaders.

Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and the rest of the band proceeded to rock their faces off, giving one of the best concerts I have ever seen. If there was anyone who doubted their performance ability given their age, they were most definitely proven wrong. Tyler’s voice is just as powerful and magical as it was back when Aerosmith first started. Although some band members may move a little less than they used to, Tyler makes up for it with his wild dancing, hair-flipping and famous screams. Guitar licks were shredded and ribbon-laden microphones were swung to mega-hits such as “Walk This Way,” “Sweet Emotion” and “Back in the Saddle.”

The band told a few stories and reminisced about their time in Boston. They also promoted and played some songs from their new album, Music From Another Dimension, released Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Photos courtesy of Samantha Costanza / Gavel Media


Samantha Costanza