Top Ten Songs: Lupe Fiasco

With the fall concert only two days away, it is time to get Lupe Fiasco bumping in the dorms.  Anyone who is concerned that this concert will be anything less than amazing needs to turn off “The Show Goes On” and listen to these Lupe classics.  With all due respect to Lupe’s most popular song, the “Float On”-inspired track just doesn’t do his talent as an artist justice.  To get a better feel for what is in store for this Friday night, look no further than this list of Lupe Fiasco’s top 10 songs.

1.  Superstar (feat. Matthew Santos)

2.  Till I Get There

3.  Daydreamin’ (feat. Jill Scott)

4.  Kick, Push

5.  Never Forget You (feat. John Legend)

6.  The Instrumental

7.  Hurt Me Soul

8.  Gold Watch

9.  Little Weapon

10.  Just Might Be O.K.