Who we are

The Gavel was founded in 2009 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Though an unusual name for a student publication, it was named for the gavel Tip O’Neill ‘36 used as Speaker of the House.

In the words of former President Bill Clinton:

“Rep. O’Neill loved politics and government because he saw politics and government could make a difference in people's lives. And he loved people most of all."

Speaker O’Neill was a champion of progressive issues and his gavel serves as a symbol and a beacon for those BC students concerned with making the world a better place. Since its creation, The Gavel has transformed from a small-staffed newspaper to a magazine, and most recently, a full-service online media platform. While we are wholly independent from the University, we are one of the largest student groups in the Boston College community, with 100-plus students involved -- including our editorial board, contributors, staffers, business managers, graphic designers, and more. We publish several online-exclusive pieces per day, covering local news, progressive issues, BC athletics, college arts, the campus atmosphere and more. Bang. (Onomatopeia for a gavel, of course.)


The Gavel welcomes readers’ comments and suggestions or complaints about errors that should be corrected. Messages on news coverage can be e-mailed to [email protected] and our editorial staff will take all issues seriously. The managerial board will take action if editorial content defames or wrongly represents a party or is potentially harmful to faculty, staff, administrators, student organizations or any other members of the Boston College community.

St Ignatius

Tip O'Neill, BC alumnus and former Speaker of the House.

The Gavel Editorial Board, Dec. 2015 - Dec. 2016

BCGavel Editorial Team
Editorial Board
Joe Castignetti '17, Editor-in-Chief
Maddie Webster '17, Managing Editor
Julia Ho '17, Online Manager
Will Clansky '17, Head Copy Editor
Tori Fisher '17, Creative Manager
Pei-Ling Lee '19, News Editor
Claire Jasper '18, Features Editor
Michelle LaConte '18, Culture Editor
Emma Powers '18, Opinions Editor
Katie McGirney '18, Sports Editor
Ambrey Rice '17, Authentic Eagles Editor
Rohit Bachani '19, Associate News Editor
Olivia Rybolt '18, Associate Features Editor
Ileana Lobkowicz '19, Associate Features Editor
Meg Loughman '19, Associate Features Editor
Chris Barcia '18, Associate Culture Editor
Ryan Bradley '18, Associate Culture Editor
Nicole Rodger '19, Associate Culture Editor
Stephanie Scanzillo '18, Associate Opinions Editor
Zach Pugliares '19, Associate Opinions Editor
Casey O'Neill '19, Associate Opinions Editor
Carter Montgomery '18, Associate Sports Editor
Ryan Fennell '18, Associate Sports Editor
Maggie Whalen '18, Copy Editor
Cara Lyons '19, Copy Editor
Jeff Shell '19, Copy Editor
Fidelia Ge '20, Copy Editor
Sherty Huang '20, Copy Editor
Erin McNamara '20, Copy Editor
Editorial Assistants Class of 2020
Molly Tucker
Cole Tamburri
Ellen Gerst
Jinoo Song
Jill Cusick
Izzy Catanzaro
Sam Reagan
Creative Team
Tori Fisher '17, Creative Manager
Danielle Johnson '18, Photo Editor
Daniele de Groot '17, Video Manager
 Lauren Becker '18, Associate Video Editor
Business Team
Aya Tsuruta '17, General Manager
Alexis Iderman '18, Ad Sales
Mia Tortolani '18, Marketing
Jenny Chen '17, Development
Kyle Boylan '19, Media