Madison Polkowitz / Gavel Media

BC Offers Students an Online Voting Service

Boston College recently partnered with an organization called TurboVote to make it easier for students to be civically engaged.

TurboVote works to provide students with the information they need to vote in every election by providing access to services like registering to vote online, requesting an absentee ballot, and even signing up for email or text election reminders.

In a country where only 40% of eligible voters tend to vote during midterm elections, it is more important than ever to increase that number and get more people to the polls.

According to a Washington Post article, “linking students to a system that allows them to register entirely online increased registration rates by 1.2 percentage points among students never registered to vote before. And 58 percent of those who registered online voted.”

The TurboVote service intends to make it easier for BC students to get involved, as voting laws or policies can be confusing and make registering to vote easy to put off.

Boston College announced the launch of this service in a series of emails in late September. Joy Moore, interim vice president of student affairs, stated in one of the emails that, “Boston College encourages every student to be an engaged citizen by exercising your right to vote...Voting not only allows each individual to make their voice heard, it also empowers our community to play a role in shaping decisions that affect us all.”

BC wants to make sure that its students understand the importance of voting and of making their voices heard.

Given the current issues facing our country, one of the most crucial things that students can do to make a change is to vote the right people into office. So, take advantage of this service, get registered, and vote!