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World Series Predictions

Ellen Gerst: Sometimes I feel bad that the entire American League spent the last six months competing to see who gets to lose to the Dodgers in the World Series. But then I remember the 29 years of postseason pain that Dodgers fans have gone through (I've only lived for 19 of them, but still) and I don't feel so bad anymore. The Dodgers are unstoppable at this point, having clearly bounced back from their September slump to only lose once so far in the postseason. It's a team chock-full of talent and any player could emerge as the newest hero on any given night. The pitching depth of Kershaw, Wood, Darvish, and Hill is much stronger than Houston's starters, which drop off significantly after Justin Verlander and Dallas Keuchel. On the other side of home plate, there's no team more dominant than the Dodgers—six players hit 20+ home runs in the regular season (including 39 from the sexiest man in baseball, Cody Bellinger).

All I'm saying is, I met God—and She was a Dodgers fan.

Prediction: Dodgers in 5

Max Khegay: The Dodgers only let up eight runs in their series against the Cubs while the Astros are coming off of a hard-fought seven-game series. While the teams may have evenly-matched lineups, the Dodgers' bullpen will put them on top.

Prediction: Dodgers in 6

Tommy O’Brien: Justin Verlander’s playoff dominance will continue long enough to steal a game for the Astros, and its high-powered offense will win them another. However, Clayton Kershaw will erase his playoff demons, and the Dodgers deep pitching staff will lead them to a World Series victory.

Prediction: Dodgers in 6

Henry Pawelcyzk: In a day and age where pitching dominates the postseason, look no further than bullpen ERA.  The Dodgers lead all playoff teams with a postseason ERA of 0.94, while the Astros rank toward the bottom of the pack with an ERA of 5.03.  Look for the Dodgers to win their first World Series in nearly 40 years.

Prediction: Dodgers in 5


Sydney Woolf: Although I am a die-hard Yankees fan and am still bitter, the city of Houston could really use a boost right now. I think coming off an intense seven game series with the Yanks will give the Astros the motivation they need to beat the Dodgers. Get ready for a battle.

Prediction: Astros in 6