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College Dems Kick off Election With Congressman Seth Moulton

The College Democrats of Boston College held an Election Day rally with Congressman Seth Moulton, Representative Ruth Balser, and Newton Mayor Setti Warren on Monday, Nov. 7. The event sought to mobilize liberal students on campus through a discussion on the stakes of the 2016 Election and its far-reaching implications for the future of the United States.

The event commenced with a brief address from the co-president of the College Democrats of Boston College, Matthew Sanborn, MCAS ’17.

“As the College Democrats of Boston College, we are the largest and most politically active organization on campus,” he said. “It’s our responsibility to stand with liberal causes and help transition the support citizens have for candidates to actual votes.”

Sanborn stressed the importance of active political participation as the key to the success of the modern democracy whilst underscoring the distinctive historic character of the 2016 Election.

“There has never been a clearer choice for the White House,” Sanborn declared. “The next four years ought to be led only by the most qualified candidate for the presidency—our candidate Hillary Clinton.”

After delivering the opening remarks, Sanborn introduced the first speaker of the night, Representative Ruth Balser, who is running for her 10th term as state representative for the 12th Middlesex District of Massachusetts.

Representative Balser’s policy agenda has primarily concerned behavioral health care, equal rights protection, and methods to make the environment more sustainable through economically feasible policies.

Balser, originally a psychologist by trade, began her remarks with the following: “The study of psychology shows us that past behaviors are the clearest indicators of future ones.”

“When Hillary Clinton was knocking on doors in her community and finding ways to integrate students with special needs into the larger public school education system, Donald Trump and his father were being sued by the Justice Department for discriminating against African Americans,” she commented.

“The differences couldn’t be starker, and they only get more numerous as we continue our comparison.”

Balser then appealed to the audience, emphasizing the significance of making an informed decision on Election Day. “Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly the most qualified candidate to ever run for president, as even President Obama has said, and she will probably be one of the greatest American presidents in history,” she declared.

Representative Balser proceeded to introduce the next speaker of the night, Newton Mayor Setti Warren (’93), who explained why, in his opinion, Hillary Clinton is the optimal candidate for the presidency in light of his experience working as Special Assistant in the White House Cabinet of Affairs for President Bill Clinton, New England Director of FEMA, and Deputy State Director for Senator John Kerry.

“No one will work harder to restore America’s prominence on the national stage than Hillary Clinton,” Warren said. “The future rests on the shoulders of young people like yourselves, and it’s incredible to see how hard the College Democrats of Boston College have worked to campaign for democratic candidates up and down the ticket.”

Warren also addressed the virtues of solidarity in his remarks to the audience: “We are all in this together, and the decision we make tomorrow will have a remarkable effect on America’s future for decades to come.”

The final speaker of the night was Congressman Seth Moulton, who represents the 6th Congressional District in Massachusetts and serves on the House Armed Services Committee, the House Committee on Small Businesses, and the House Committee on Budget.

Moulton, in addressing the audience, hoped to bring to light the challenges and benefits of bipartisanship. “Regardless of how anyone leans [politically] in Washington, D.C., especially in my field, and regardless of how much influence anyone has on our government, the beautiful thing about American democracy is that all of our votes count,” Moulton asserted.

“Although most people perceive American government as often gridlocked, which I don’t necessarily disagree with, what matters is a willingness to promote bipartisan support and pass laws that are good for all of us.”

Moulton, in concluding the event, sought to highlight the significance of restoring and galvanizing hope in the American political system, and entreated the College Democrats and the audience to not abandon faith in the government.

“Ours is a truly unique democracy, perhaps the most distinct on the globe,” Moulton commented. “And the fact of the matter is that our government will only get better if we have bright students and fresh faces working to cause positive change; we have to invest in our great government and improve it so it can better support our great people.”