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Broccoli Incident in McElroy Receives BC Dining Response

A post in the Boston College Class of 2019 Facebook page yesterday by Perla Lara, MCAS ‘18, advised students against eating fresh produce in the dining halls because of unwashed broccoli found in the salad station at McElroy.  

The caption of the post says, “I've been busy and forgot to post this.. this is broccoli from MAC's salad station during lunch yesterday (approx: 1:30pm). I advise you all to NOT eat any of the produce, since after I spoke with the manager he let me know that they DO NOT WASH THE PRODUCE b/c 'production happens elsewhere and it comes vacuum sealed'... I still don't get why its not being washed after being taken out the bag?! Gross.

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Photo courtesy of Perla Lara / Facebook

“The broccoli used in the salad bar by BC Dining comes from an approved vendor in a Cryovac package following an FDA-approved sanitized vegetable wash. It is then steamed in water and chilled before being placed in the salad bar,” remarks BC Dining Director Beth Emery, “Until this incident, we had not received complaints regarding broccoli or any of our produce.”

“Upon receiving the complaint, we contacted the vendor to verify that appropriate procedures were followed in the cut vegetable packaging and shipping process,” she continued. “Given that student's satisfaction is our highest priority, we will continue to review our shipments from the vendor to ensure that all of our produce meets our highest standards. We apologize to the student affected by this incident.”