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Playlist: Get Your (Green) Blood Flowing

Today's the day, folks, to search for any ounce of Irish heritage within your family tree. Break out your best scraps of green clothing and prepare for a long Thursday night with our ultimate Saint Patrick's Day playlist.

1. "Shipping Up to Boston," Dropkick Murphys

It would be a sin against my Boston roots to begin this playlist with anything other than the Dropkicks. From our very own city of Quincy, the Celtic punk band allows us all to embrace/feign our Irish roots. (Urban legend says Boston pubs play “Shipping” at least 700 times on the upcoming holiday for good luck.)

2. "Drunken Lullabies," Flogging Molly

General rule of thumb: if you listen to the Dropkicks, Flogging Molly has to be queued up and ready to go. This is the Flogging Molly song to top the rest, and is quite fitting for St. Patty’s Day celebrations.

3. "Níl Sé'n Lá," Celtic Woman

Contrary to popular belief, Celtic Woman is not just for PBS viewers over the age of 90. Settling on just one song proved almost impossible, but “Níl Sé'n Lá” will certainly get you in the Irish spirit.

4. "Whiskey in the Jar," The Dubliners

Some diehards prefer the Metallica version, but my traditionalist heart stands by The Dubliners. “Whiskey in the Jar” is the group’s staple song, after all.

5. "C’est La Vie," B*witched

Their sound may be a touch less authentic than other bands on this list, but the ladies of B*witched hail from the heart of Dublin and infuse an irresistible breakdown of flutes and fiddles into their pop hit. Plus, every night on the town needs a decent 90s throwback.

6. "Mari-Mac," Great Big Sea

Great Big Sea is a Canadian folk-rock band, but you can hardly tell the difference when they take on Irish tunes. This high energy song delivers just the right dose of tongue-twisting, trilling Irish rhythm.

7. "The Irish Rover," The High Kings

No better way to bolster Irish pride than to succumb to nostalgia with ancient tales of seafaring gone horribly wrong. “The Irish Rover” reminds us that happy-go-lucky vibes— and a good pint of beer, of course—can help us in even the most dismal of times.

8. "It Ain’t Easy Being Green," Kermit the Frog

Stop and think before you mock someone for their ginger locks or their green skin—especially on this most sacred of days.

9. "Seven Drunken Nights," The Dubliners

College, man.

10. "The Parting Glass," Ed Sheeran

A traditional Irish folk song, “The Parting Glass” is often sung when a gathering with friends winds down. Countless artists have covered this song, but Ed Sheeran’s rendition is at once hauntingly beautiful and comfortingly sweet. What could possibly be a more calming end to the night? Someone should turn his soothing voice into a Yankee candle scent or a fluffy, snuggly pillow.



Michelle LaConte