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DJ Khaled Shepherds College Students On the “Journey of More Success”

On Oct. 1, Twitter followers of Miami rapper and producer DJ Khaled bore witness to the genesis of a social media phenomenon—the birth of the hip-hop icon’s Snapchat account: DJKhaled305.

DJ Khaled’s Snapchat presence has since been thrust into the spotlight of the pop culture sphere—his Snapchat is a movement of world takeover proportions. Fans have unfiltered access to an extensive, unabridged window into the life of a celebrity, made more complete with the injection of Khaled’s personal commentary and endearing character. His catchphrases have become household prose, and the shape of his feet in “Another One” sliders has become more easily recognizable than your own mother’s loving face, all because of this internet sensation.

Courtesy of Snapchat DJKhaled305

Courtesy of Snapchat DJKhaled305

Furthermore, DJ Khaled is immensely entertaining in the way he acts as a shepherd guiding his flock along a path to a more fulfilled life. Through his daily snippets of life advice, or “major keys,” he establishes himself as an honorary life coach, eager to accompany millions along the “journey of more success.”

His Snapchat persona can thus only be described as endlessly uplifting in its constant entertainment and relentless stream of life advice. However, the trend also gained traction in the way it took a well known hip-hop persona and humanized him in a very atypical way. Gone are the womanizing “baller” stereotypes that often mask the authenticity of many music icons. Instead—quite unexpectedly—DJKhaled305 followers are allowed extensive access into the life of an emotionally authentic and inspiring individual.

Courtesy of Snapchat DJkhaled305

Courtesy of Snapchat DJkhaled305

While his advice is at times repetitive, vague, and potentially uninformed, the lessons DJ Khaled preaches are indispensable for college students in particular. In this day and age, the pathway to more success that he walks isn’t always well defined for ambitious undergraduates. We are constantly berated by news of oversaturated professional industries, job insecurity, and breakneck competition. Little emphasis is placed on positive motivation, of actually finding success in the world today. Perhaps, then, this accessing of an emotional void is what has allowed DJ Khaled to enter the lives of so many.

In a time when the mantra of “they don’t want you to eat” seems particularly relevant for rising professionals, the glorified position of hip-hop idol has taken an unexpected and philosophical turn. DJ Khaled is Snapchat Socrates, guiding the lost along the path to a more fulfilled life with a list of major keys, spanning from mouthwash to elliptical machines. Above all, though, DJ Khaled demonstrates to aspiring undergraduates to always have faith, even when you’re lost on your jet ski at night.


Ryan Bradley