Off the Record: Kelleher Sisters Serenade With Coffeehouse Sound

"Our Dad never wanted us to be musicians, he thought we would turn into delinquents or something..."

Katie and Meghan Kelleher are only two years apart, and their talent didn't just appear out of nowhere. Their home growing up, while they were not encouraged to be musicians, was a very musical place. Their father, having seen what being in a band as a young adult was like, pushed academics and athletics over music. However, when a person has the hankering for music, it is a very hard thing to keep down. The girls, inspired by their Irish-singing Uncle, loved to jam out together growing up, and it is evident in their music today.

The two feel comfortable with each other and in front of our camera, as if our session was just any one of the hundreds of impromptu jam-seshes they might have put together in their backyard to pass by high school summers. Often during these jam sessions, their father, the one who never wanted them to be in a band, would set up a makeshift drum set out of pots and pans, a drummer in the past himself, and jam out with the girls.

Gavel Media

Lauren Becker / Gavel Media

It seems as if musical talent can be traced genetically. Meghan, two years Katie's senior, had never been active in BC's music community until this year when her younger sister stepped onto campus. There was something about rocking out with her sister that brought her joy, and so the two joined the Music Guild at the start of the year. Both Meghan and their father attended Boston College, and Katie nearly chose another school because of that fact. She wanted to be her own person and not have to stand in the shadow of anyone's legacy here. However, now that Katie has found happiness on the Heights, through music, friends and her family, the Kelleher Sisters are here to entertain us with their sweet-coffee house sound for a long time to come. Check them out at any of the Music Guild's Open-Mic nights, and enjoy their soulful stylings in the video above.