2014 FIFA World Cup Preview

Call in sick to work, cancel Grandma’s birthday party, and buy some face paint, because the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil is only two days away. This World Cup is expected to be particularly exciting due to its location in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  As most people already know, Brazil’s citizens are avid soccer fans and have always been a great presence at every World Cup. Not only is Brazil the only team to have played in every single World Cup tournament since its start, it also boasts the title of the most tournament wins, with five victories already under its belt. The bar is set high for the Brazilian team members, but, as always, they are expected to deliver.

What to expect from the opening ceremony

The opening ceremony will take place on June 12th in Sao Paolo, Brazil at the New Corinthians Stadium, which seats an impressive 68,000 spectators. Unlike that of the Olympics, the opening ceremony of the World Cup will only last 20 minutes, but that won’t make it any less impressive. For every minute that you will watch in the show, 20 hours of preparation were involved to produce it. In addition to the 600 dancers, the show will also include acrobatic gymnasts, capoeira, stilt walkers and a massive soccer ball.

The ceremony will end with a performance by Pitbull of the official Cup song, “We Are One.” Although Jennifer Lopez was a main featured artist in recording the song, she will, unfortunately, not be in attendance. As for the exciting first kick, look out for “a paraplegic individual in a robotic Iron Man-like bodysuit.”

The first game is set to be a riveting match-up between the Croatian team and the Brazilian team, playing on its home turf.

Who to watch for

Among the many big names in soccer, such as Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) and Neymar (Brazil) it’s easy to forget the rest. But there are certainly other players who deserve the same attention and fame, if not more. This summer, be sure to look out for Nani (Brazil), Diego Costa (Spain), Mikkel Diskerud (USA) and Miroslav Klose (Germany). If anything, at least throw out those names at a viewing party and pretend to know what’s going on.

Who to root for

The U.S … duh.

Commercials to watch

Up until this moment in the year, advertisers have all been working hard to pump up the entire world for this exciting event in sports. Here are a few contenders that The Gavel believes deserve some recognition:


The World Cup will come to a close officially on July 13th, with only one team emerging victorious as the soccer (or “futbol,” if you will) champions of the world. Be sure to catch the upcoming face-offs so that you don’t miss out on the action.