Celebrities that Share Your Major

Graduating soon? Worried about what to do with your post-college life? If you’ve ever contemplated the value of a college degree or your possible career paths, make sure you haven’t crossed out A-list celebrity actor just yet. Here are some beloved celebrities who went to college, paid thousands for an education and then promptly threw their diplomas away. Like a boss. Here’s how they would fit into Boston College.


1. Philosophy

Harrison Ford  Jonathan Mare via Flickr

Harrison Ford
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Mare / Flickr

Bruce Lee Charanjeet_singh17 via Flickr

Bruce Lee
Photo courtesy of Charanjeet_singh17 / Flickr

Steve Martin Cineando via Flickr

Steve Martin
Photo courtesy of Cineando / Flickr

2. Theater

Ron Jeremy  Paul Hocksenar via Flickr

Ron Jeremy
Photo courtesy of Paul Hocksenar / Flickr

(Notable: Received his master’s degree in special education)

Jerry Seinfeld Alan Light via Flickr

Jerry Seinfeld
Photo courtesy of Alan Light / Flickr

Tom Hanks Phil via Flickr

Tom Hanks
Photo courtesy of Phil / Flickr

3. Communications

Howard Stern  Wikimedia Commons

Howard Stern
Photocourtesy of Wikimedia

4. English

Kanye West Jamin Million via Flickr

Kanye West
Photo courtesy of Jamin Million / Flickr

Matt Damon Wikimedia Commons

Matt Damon
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

5. Film

Steven Spielberg Wikimedia Commons

Steven Spielberg
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

6. Biology

Lisa Kudrow Vassar College via Flickr

Lisa Kudrow
Photo courtesy of Vassar College / Flickr

7. Economics

Tiger Woods Wikimedia Commons

Tiger Woods
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Lionel Richie Concert Ticketsplus via Flickr

Lionel Richie
Concert Ticketsplus via Flickr

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore / Flickr

8. History

Steve Carell Wikimedia Commons

Steve Carell
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Martha Stewart Wikimedia Commons

Martha Stewart
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Sacha Baron Cohen CesarKensen via Flickr

Sacha Baron Cohen
Photo courtesy of CesarKensen / Flickr

9. Psychology

Jon Stewart CMLibrary Charlotte Mecklenburg Library via Flickr

Jon Stewart
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Mecklenburg Library / Flickr

Hugh Hefner Erangi Kaushalya

Hugh Hefner
Photo courtesy of Erangi Kaushalya / Flickr



1. Accounting

Ray Romano Wikimedia Commons

Ray Romano
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

2. Marketing

Wanda Sykes mytakeontv via Flickr

Wanda Sykes
Photo courtesy of mytakeontv / Flickr

3. Business

P Diddy Wikimedia Commons

P Diddy
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

4. Accounting/Finance

Mick Jagger Atlantic Publicity via Flickr

Mick Jagger
Photo courtesy of Atlantic Publicity / Flickr

Don’t skip that Accounting class. Who knows? You might be sitting next to the next Mick Jagger. Actually though, don’t skip any class, because apparently people like Kobe Bryant enjoy visiting them.