Guide to St. Patrick’s Day: It’s actually pretty easy being green

Celebrating your true Irish heritage this weekend for St. Patrick’s Day? Celebrating other people’s true Irish heritage? Great, you should be. St. Patrick’s Day is to Boston College what Christmas is to Santa. This is our time to shine. Considering BC was ranked one of the most Irish schools in the nation in 2012, St. Patrick’s Day at BC should be bigger and better than anywhere else. Here are a few ways to one-up everyone else this weekend.

Paint the town green

Planning to wear a green ribbon in your hair to avoid a nasty pinch? LAME. Don’t just wear green, be green. Ribbons, face paint, shirt, pants, socks, shoes, facial hair. Show everyone how it’s done by not only decking out in green, try also carrying around a bucket full of green paint–spread the joy around.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Make a playlist

Every party needs a good soundtrack, but a St. Patrick’s Day party needs the perfect soundtrack. Play the DropKick Murphys on repeat, specifically the one we sing at our football games.

Suit up

It’s not just about wearing green; it is much more than that. Dust off those green overalls and pull together your best leprechaun costume. This will show everyone how truly dedicated you are, and if not, it shows you are a bit of a wild card. After all, you do own green overalls.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Knowledge is power

Did you know St. Patrick was not Irish? Did you know the very first St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in Boston in 1737? Go share these cool facts with your friends. Do a little research and use it to compete with your friends when they try to “out Irish” you. That’ll show ‘em.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Learn Gaelic

YOLO right? You never know when you might need it. You still have a few days until the big day. If busting out in Gaelic doesn’t impress anyone, reconsider who your friends are.

Photo Courtesy of Tiffany Trimarchi / Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Trimarchi / Pinterest

Become Irish

You’re half Irish? You’re 1/14th Irish? Your neighbor named her cat after Colin Farrell? Good enough. On St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Irish. Let it consume you. Try to “remember” all those green fields you spent your childhood on while you chatted up leprechauns.  Have Lucky Charms for breakfast and potatoes for the rest of the day.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer / Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Jennifer / Pinterest

Stock Up

Any good Irishman has a well-stocked liquor cabinet. If you’re 21+ make themed drinks this weekend. Make sure to have Bailey’s at arm’s reach at all times. If you are not 21 try a Starbucks green tea Frappuccino or a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake.

Photo Courtesy of Jillion G / Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Jillion G / Pinterest

Get lucky

Pots of gold do not come out thin air; you must chase the rainbow. If you see that cute girl you have been thinking about at a party, take it as a sign that the gods of luck ( is that what leprechauns are?) smiled upon you–go up to her! Take a moment to reflect on all of your fortunes and what makes up your own personal pot o’ gold. After all, that’s what St. Patrick’s Day is all about right? Or something like that?

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Day / Pinterest

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Day / Pinterest