5 Reasons to Care About RecycleMania

For the next two months over 600 schools across the country will be participating in a competition unlike any other. It will take the support and action of the entire student body for the Eagles to come out on top. After a poor showing last year next to BU’s 5th place finish, BC is looking to up the ante during this year's RecycleMania.

RecycleMania is a nationwide competition geared toward getting college students into recycling. Colleges produce massive amounts of waste between the dining halls, dorm rooms and many other amenities. According to the Office of Sustainability, Boston College produced 112.56 tons of waste from January 25th to February 1st this year. Of those 112.56 tons, only 29.04 were recycled. But what does this mean to you; a busy Boston College student whose trash can is closer to the door than the recycling bin?

Courtesy of Gavel Media

Megan Flynn/Gavel Media

1. We can do better

Recycled items averaged about 26% of all of the waste BC produced last semester. That’s pretty pathetic. Between all of the Hillside coffee cups and to-go containers from dining halls students dispose of every day, that number should be way higher. Good news is we have a pretty terrible baseline to start from so it should all be uphill from here!

2. It makes a difference

In the grand scheme of things, the convenience of tossing an empty water bottle into a trash can instead of a recycling bin may not seem like a big deal. Well, it kind of is. Plastics take up more space in landfills than food waste does because of its 3D shape and inorganic material. Unless you’re cool with living in a landfill in the future, walk the extra two yards to the recycling bin. Your grandchildren will thank you.

3. Old habits die hard

Think of Recyclemania as the equivalent of buying nail polish that tastes bad for your friend that won’t stop biting their nails. Not biting your nails, just like recycling, is a good habit to keep. Start now and make everyone’s lives a little bit easier.

4. Start a conversation

Besides cheering for Waste Management at the hockey games, people don’t really discuss sustainability issues on campus. Don’t be afraid to be the friend that makes sure everyone recycles his or her bottles at dinner. Trust me, it ain’t that bad.

5. We’re better than BU

The fact that BU placed 5th in this competition last year should be reason enough for you to care about this. If nothing else, your job while at BC is to prove in every way imaginable that Eagles are superior to Terriers. This is not the 1978 NCAA Tournament hockey championship. Let us bring home the (recycled) gold.


Christie Merino