Super Bowl XLVIII Pick 'ems from The Gavel

Jake Miller (Section Editor) - Broncos over Seahawks, 24-17

The NFL's best defense against arguably the NFL's best offense - that's what we have here in Sunday night's game pitting Seattle against Denver in New Jersey's MetLife Stadium. On one side of the field you have Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, while on the other you have Peyton Manning and perhaps the deepest corral of receiving options in the league. This will certainly be a dogfight to the very end, with each team's most talented getting the best of one another a few times. But the real match-up to watch will be Russell Wilson vs. the Broncos' D. Despite the loss of Von Miller, Denver was able to hold Tom Brady and the Patriots to just 16 points in the AFC Championship. If Tom Terrific were at least somewhat mobile, that may have changed, but regardless Denver showed its defensive clout. The best run defense in the league will have its hands full against Wilson and Marshawn Lynch... but will ultimately prevail.

Jenna LaConte (Has Zero Knowledge of Anything Sports Related Editor-in-Chief)

Note: all of Jenna’s Predictions had nothing to do with the actual game itself.  They were all pop culture or food-related.  Due to her inability to follow the rules, her predictions have been deliberately left off of this article.  Please continue reading for actual insight.

Frankie Bernard (Associate Editor) – Seahawks over Broncos, 27-21

Defense wins championships. If you don't believe, look at the history. Teams that had better defenses won the Super Bowl. Ask Tom Brady, Colin Kaepernick, Kurt Warner, and...oh yeah, Peyton Manning.

The Seahawks have the better defense without a doubt, but everyone is downplaying Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch. Wilson was the second-best quarterback this season and Lynch isn't called Beast Mode just 'cause. So to say the Broncos offense surpasses the Seahawks is so disrespectful, right Stephen A. Smith?

Also, Manning loves short passes. Well so does the Legion of Boom. So give me a legitimate reason to cheer on Denver because other than Manning cause I don't see it.

Last point, a loss in the Super Bowl won't diminish Manning’s legacy no matter how bad the media wants it to.

Jack Davis (Associate Editor) – Broncos over Seahawks, 28-24

“Yo, my prediction for the SB is 28-24, Broncos win”

You got it, Jack.

Bill Stoll (Associate Editor) – Seahawks over Broncos, 31-17

Okay, let me set a few things straight. 

Chicken wings > any other gametime food

Watching the Super Bowl at a house > Watching the Super Bowl at a bar

Super Bowl Commercial featuring puppies > any other commercial theme

Peyton Manning’s commercials > any other NFL player’s commercials

Richard Sherman postgame rants > any other player in the NFL

Richard Sherman > any other Cornerback in the NFL

Russell Wilson in cold weather > Peyton Manning in cold weather

Great Defense > Great Offense

Seattle Seahawks > Denver Broncos

Ryan Smith (Staff Writer) – Seahawks over Broncos, 31-28

The matchup to watch is between Peyton Manning and the Seahawks defense, but don’t overlook Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and co. to put points on the board.  I see this game to be an even matchup where the Seattle defense will have to make a late game stand against Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense. Don’t be surprised if the game comes down to the foot of Seattle’s Steven Hauschka or Denver’s Matt Prater.

Justice Kelly (Staff Writer) – Broncos over Seahawks, 24-21

I think the Broncos will win because I think that Seahawks are overrated. They get all their strength from playing at home, and when they're away, they won't have the atmosphere to dig from. Sure, Payton Manning "throws ducks", but he's such a good quarterback in every aspect that it won't matter. His play calling will definitely mix up Seattle's defense, and Sherman is going to have an awful game.

Pat Coyne (Staff Writer) – Seahawks over Broncos, 31-24

On paper, the easy decision for who will win Super Bowl XLVIII between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks is Denver; after all, Peyton Manning is at the helm of the best offenses in NFL history. Sunday night, though, he will be going against the best defense in the league and by far the best defense he’s had to face all season. Ultimately, this will be the reason why the Seahawks will be victors.

As soon as he gets sacked for the first time in the game, which hasn’t happened all postseason, or turns the ball over, Manning, who is bad enough as it is in cold weather, should lose all the momentum he’s carried with him thus far.  With Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman locking down the outside of the field, it shouldn’t take long for that to happen. So long as Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch can get in a groove on the other side of the ball to keep Manning off the field and give the defense plenty of rest, the Seahawks will be the victors in what could be one of the best Super Bowls in recent memory.

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