Hometown Heroes: Fresh Aer Movement

Everyone likes a homecoming show and Aer (pronounced "Air") was able to bring the expected energy to the House of Blues to kick off their Fresh Aer Movement tour. With the recent release of their self-titled album, two satisfying openers, and a young, excited, sold out crowd, Aer— the duo from Boston—gave a phenomenal performance.970252_599438646743266_763630938_n

The two opening acts, RDGLDGRN (pronounced "Red Gold Green") and New Beat Fund, were solid. Unfortunately, the crowd wasn’t talking about either act on the way out; it’s always difficult to perform for people who didn’t specifically go to the event to see them. Nonetheless, they brought a good energy to the atmosphere and were fun to listen to. Finally, DJ Smiles came onto the stage, dropping a huge mix to get the crowd even more excited and introduced Aer, who jumped onto stage with their usual enthusiasm performing one of their faster tracks from their new album, Whatever We Want. At this point, there wasn’t any doubt that the rest of the concert would be incredible and unforgettable.

Aer, made up of Boston locals David Von Merig and Carter Shultz, has a style that cannot be described with any other word than chill. They rap, they play guitar, they make beats and they play fresh music. With a heavy influence of reggae, hip hop and rock Aer produces a sound that is really their own. Their set list contained a healthy mix of new tracks and songs that “Day-One Fans” would recognize like “Songbird,” “Like the Way” and “Floats My Boat.” They even performed an unexpected cover of Red Hot Chili Pepper’s “Suck My Kiss.” Throughout the show, David and Carter thanked their fans for their consistent support and they repaid the crowd with fantastic energy, an intimate stage presence and by responding to the calls for “one more song!” with a great encore. The show was balanced, fun and fresh.


Fresh is really a buzzword for this duo. Not only is “Fresh Aer” a great pun, but "fresh" is also a perfect way to describe their brand of music. Their lyrics are melodic, simplistic and most importantly, straightforward. They aren’t writing profound music, forcing listeners to take notes and analyze each word; the music is easy to listen to, enjoyable and simply fresh. The new album, Aer, has peaked on the Billboard 200 at #26 and it seems like the Fresh Aer Movement is gaining traction. There may be only a few songs that will stick with you the first time listening through the album, but with enough listens, each song will stand out. The tracks have very good transitions without blending together in a forgetful way. Truly, these hometown heroes refuse to be forgotten in any way.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.


John Paradiso