‘Girls’ Season 3, Episode 4: Dead Inside

“If you died, the world would blur. I wouldn’t know what a tree was.”- Adam (on the idea of Hannah dying)


How is it possible that Adam is now the voice of reason, sweetest, and most normal character on Girls? Remember last season when he deeply disturbed Natalia:

Basically, he made her crawl around.

Basically, he made her crawl around. And engage in disturbing sexual acts.
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Or even before that when Hannah was briefly his slave?


Image courtesy of Tumblr.

And now he’s saying things like this:

tumblr_n02yt3lpYu1s8cpb2o1_500 tumblr_n02yt3lpYu1s8cpb2o2_500 Images courtesy of Tumblr.

...And spouting all sorts of wisdom and I kind of love it. He is now the only character on Girls who I can actually tolerate it. Who’da thunk it?! Anyway, here are some other thoughts on this week’s Girls:


That would be a youtube link to the portion of Marnie’s music video, “What I Am”, that is available to the public. It’s not the whole thing, but I’ll take it for now. Marnie didn’t get any less annoying this week. I mean, the girl claimed that “important people want her”, and that she doesn’t have to be working at Ray’s coffee shape. Now, they were making fun of her music video—but you can’t really blame them for that. And, if I’m not mistaken, Marnie was an Art History major. Not trying to hate, I am after all an English major, but come on girl let’s not pretend “important people want you”. Employment is a serious post-graduation situation for most of us humanities majors. At least for a while. So embrace it. (You didn’t go to CSOM).

Ding-Dong David’s Dead

And no one is really sure to respond. Except for Adam, maybe. I think the episode might’ve been trying to ask—What is an appropriate response to death? Whatever it is, it isn’t Hannah’s reaction. And I frankly want to hit her over the head with a kindle.

Tis the Season…to Do Something with Yourself!

Get it…that’s in reference to Jessa’s “dead” friend. If your “friend” is faking her death to get away from you…you should probably admit that there’s something seriously wrong with you.  I said it last week and I’ll say it again—Jessa needs to stop milling about and consuming illegal substances and actually do something with herself.  Also, I think the creators of the show are trying to poke fun at her character by making her say things like “What is a normal day?” (and various other pretentious questions). I like it.

Laird, Caroline & Hannah

The beginning of a beautiful friendship? I saw this one coming. They are funny together. But I couldn’t really get past the fact that they were prancing and dancing around a graveyard. How is that okay? Maybe I’m over-sensitive, but that was a bit much for me. I did like they’re whole dynamic though—they might all be equally weird and self-involved.


Okay, what. Again, am I over-sensitive or was the whole fake-Margaret story at the end that Hannah told to Adam pretty messed up? I thought that Hannah was attempting to show some real emotion…and show Adam that she is actually human. And maybe she was trying to use fiction, something that she’s actually comfortable with, to show true emotion…? I’m honestly not really sure, but it was deeply disturbing. Lena Dunham continuously presents herself as a terrible, terrible person. Unless, of course, I’m delusional and we’re all that bad? I hope not.