Wishmakers on Campus: Powderpuff Tournament

If you were in San Francisco last Friday, you might’ve seen a black Lamborghini embossed with the Batman logo, speeding around the city. In the passenger seat, dressed in a tiny Batman costume, 5-year old Miles Scott was fulfilling his dream of being Batman. Miles has been battling leukemia since he was 18 months old, and only recently went into remission this past June. He spent the entire day fighting crime around the city—including rescuing a damsel in distress from a cable car and later recovering the “stolen” Giants mascot Lou Seal. Miles’ day as Batkid was made possible by the Make-A-Wish foundation, an organization that espouses this mission: “to grant the wishes of children diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions, and to enrich the human spirit with hope, strength and joy.”

1385634_10151653088026207_1912082643_nAs one can imagine from reading Miles’ story, making a child’s wish come true is an expensive task. The average cost of one wish is about $7,500. Students at Boston College have taken it upon themselves to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation, which led to the creation of the “Wishmakers on Campus” club. Seniors Lauren Gray and Chelsea Healey have been working to establish this club for two years, and it is now finally a registered student organization on campus. The specific goal of Wishmakers on Campus is to raise enough money to sponsor the wish of one child in the Massachusetts-Rhode Island area.

To do this, the club will be holding many benefits throughout the 2013-2014 school year. This year, the largest benefit will be Boston College’s first annual Powderpuff football tournament. This event will take place this Saturday, November 23 at 12:00 pm on Stokes Lawn. Teams consist of about eight people or more, and each team needed to donate $50.00 minimum to register. The team that wins the tournament will receive prizes in the form of different gift cards from local restaurants such as El Pelon, Applebee’s, and White Mountain. In addition, there will be lots of food at the event, including free Boloco burritos (who could say no!).

066-000 mnoo11All of the money raised in this event and future events will be donated to the Make-A-Wish chapter in the Massachusetts-Rhode Island area in order to sponsor the wish of one child this year. Wishmakers on Campus also wants to raise awareness about the Make-A-Wish foundation itself and why its mission is so important. This club was only established on the BC campus this year, so it’s very important for as many BC students as possible to support its events and help it grow. Anyone who has read the story of Miles’s adventures as Batkid or heard of the countless other children who have had their dreams fulfilled free of charge by Make-A-Wish knows that you can’t put a price on a child’s joy. For each little boy or girl who has been fighting for their life against an illness they didn’t ask for or deserve, Make-A-Wish gives them and their families a brief and wonderful escape without asking for anything in return. And all you have to do to help is play football on a Saturday morning with your friends. Put yourself in that little kid’s shoes, and realize that 10 minutes of your time or 10 dollars out of your pocket is well worth bringing happiness a child who needs it the most.

Images via Facebook.


Jacqueline Carney