‘47 Brand: How One Apparel Company Captured the Essence of Being a Fan

As far as sports fans go, you’d be hard-pressed to find a city more dedicated to their teams than Boston. The Celtics, the Red Sox, the Patriots and the Bruins form a holy quad in the hearts of many. What better city to start an apparel company that caters to die-hard sports fans?

At 12 years old, Arthur and Henry D’Angelo, twin brothers, emigrated from Italy to Boston. Observing very quickly the obvious and remarkable passion that fans had for the Boston Red Sox, they began to manufacture red felt pennants and sell them right outside Fenway. It wasn’t long before demand exceeded supply, and the boys were propelled into a successful business venture in the form of a souvenir shop right across Fenway.


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At its core, it is a family company. Its success was in large part due to a local connection with their buyers. They designed classic looks that had a slightly vintage appeal. Their products combined the classic designs of sports apparel with the roots of all fan followings  – a passion and dedication to their team. According to their website, “’47 Brand’s present-day success comes from never forgetting its roots.” This isn’t an apparel company making sports merchandise. These are true fans, committed to the game creating unique and relatable designs.

A long and successful run in the business led to the decision to merge with Banner Supply Company in 2005. Now the company is a licensed partner with the four key professional American sports leagues: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL. It is also prominent on college campus, including the BC Bookstore.

Kara Weeks A&S ’14, a campus representative for 47 Brand at Boston College, said, “ I love '47 Brand because of the vintage, classic feel of the clothing and the sports lifestyle culture that the brand represents. The clothing is also super soft and really comfortable - I wear the same shirts to bed that I wear to games. For me, '47 Brand epitomizes Boston and the American love of sports.”

Image via Facebook/47Brand

Image via Facebook/47Brand

A large part of their appeal is its ability to relate to sports fans. With its fun spirited and comfortable items, it’s no wonder fans have quickly grown to love this brand, perhaps without even really acknowledging it.

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Featured image via Flickr/Don3rdSE.