How to Prepare For the Career Fair

Every year, hundreds of students attend the career fair. Most leave feeling successful and accomplished about their time in the fair, but every year there are a few who walked into that fair with no clue of what to expect. Some students don’t even think it's worth attending. Why wander around a crowded room in a suit carrying resumes when you can apply to many excellent jobs all in the comfort of your own dorm room? But, the skills you will pick up in these competitive and sometimes high-pressure situations will be invaluable to you later on in life. The ability to effectively network and make a lasting impression on people will serve you well no matter how dependent we become on technology. Here are 5 ways to make sure you leave the career fair having done as much as you could.

 1. Go to a prep workshop

Don’t walk in blind to the career fair. If you don’t know exactly what the career fair is or even why you should go, start by going to one of the prep workshops. This Tuesday at 5pm in Gasson 306, EMC will teach you the basics as well as what to expect from a career fair and how to show your best qualifications. Register online here.

2. Clean up your resume (Or make one)

Dust off your old resume and prepare to give it a revamp. A fresh look and quick update can be the difference between a bad resume and an impressive one. Wowing employers will take more than a good font size. Wednesday at 5pm is your chance to attend the Resume Crash Course in the Cabaret Room and get all the help you need in making your resume look professional.

3. Practice your interview

Nervous about talking to people? The career fair is no time for that. Go to the Interview Prep Week: Interview Skills Workshop to make sure you know all the right things to say and not say in an interview. If you’re still nervous after one practice session, try practicing with your roommates; you’ll all benefit from it.

4. Dress well test well

Do NOT show up looking like you just rolled out of bed from your latest nap. Don’t just play the part, look the part. Putting a little effort into your outfit will show possible employers that you take them seriously and have a real interest in their company.

5. Do your research

The last thing employers want to hear is “What does your company do exactly?” Don’t make the mistake of not knowing who will be there and talking just to talk. Read the list of employers who will be there and do a little research so you can ask an intelligent question that shows you truly are interested.

Click here for more information on the Career Fair events and locations.

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