The 6 Friends You Made As a Freshman (And Didn’t Keep)

1. The Orientation BuddyScreen shot 2013-09-09 at 9.57.11 PM

This was your first friend at BC. You met at orientation and you immediately hit it off. Right off the bat, you knew that because you both came from Massachusetts you would instantly become best friends. Oh and did I mention that you both like The Beatles and have watched "Mean Girls" like a hundred times? Even though you knew nothing about him or her, it was a great idea (at the time) to request to be each other’s roommates. I mean, you guys got along perfectly those first two days when everyone was painfully fake nice to one another, so obviously living together for an entire year was the best idea you've ever had! For everyone else you met at orientation? Yeah, you spent the next four years awkwardly making eye contact and saying nothing when you walked by each other.

2.  The equally-as-lost freshmen

This was the person you found wandering around campus when you both seemed to be in the general vicinity of Merkert, which may I add had a way clearer location when you saw it on the map.  You found yourself trailing behind him or her hoping that he or she knew what was going on, until you both realized that you were following one another and neither of you actually knew where you were. You laughed it off and began to strike up a conversation when realized that you had the same TA for Gen Chem. Obviously the next move was to unsuccessfully make lunch plans for the rest of the year. Obviously.

3. The person with your same schedule

This is the guy in your History class that you were pretty sure was also in your Calc class, and definitely just saw him getting lunch in Mac. Once you realized you had the same schedule, you decided to stop awkwardly pretending you didn't recognize each other and for the whole semester you got along great. Then next semester rolled around and realized you actually had nothing in common.

4. Your floormates

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

THIS you definitely thought would last, am I right? You saw each other at every floor meeting and laughed over cookie decorating. These were the lovely folks you went with for your first outings into Boston and the same people you probably even went Mod hopping with. Unfortunately, you came to realize that other than your mutual love for partying and your dorm, you didn’t really have all that much to talk about when the Mod lights came on and you had to walk home.

5.  Anyone on the Freshman Boat Cruise

This was your chance to get to know as many freshmen as possible. It was the only time your entire class went to a party-like event together, and a lot of you probably pregamed together. It may have seemed like a good idea to start a conversation with everyone you saw, but for the next four years you’d regret asking that one guy what his major was followed by giving up on any conversation because of how loud it was. Now you look down at your phone and pretend to text when you see each other on campus.

6.  Your ‘best friend’

Let’s be honest, people grow apart. It's totally normal. You may have had a great group of friends your freshman year and had a wonderful two semesters with them. But maybe you didn’t live with them the following years or you got too busy with clubs and homework to see them. As a result, you made friends with people with more similar interests. You tried to keep in touch, but it just didn’t happen. This is normal.

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