Meet the OL: J.M. Becerra

For most of us, summer means relaxing, seeing old friends or spending long days in an office. But not so long ago, we all had a summer before our first year at BC, and this meant attending orientation. It was a first-hand experience that gave us a first impression of BC, and I think most can agree it was a pleasant experience. But none of that would be possible without the orientation leaders who work so hard to make sure incoming freshmen enjoy this experience and make the most of it. We sat down with a few of those brave souls who took on impressive roles as orientation leaders to see just how they do it.

J.M. Becerra

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  Class of: 2015

  Major: Political Science/Economics

  Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  One fact about yourself your Freshmen would find interesting? 

   I changed my major 5 times.

  What is your favorite Orientation activity?

   The highlight of every session for me is filming a line from a song with each group and on the closing ceremony being able to watch a music video of the compilations of what every freshmen  group did.

Why did you want to be an OL?

I've moved around so many times in my life that I have firsthand experience with how it is to be new and to be alone in a new place. College is the first time, for many students, in which they leave home and move to a new place. I felt that I could give back to this amazing university by making the transition easier for the incoming class of 2017.

What makes the BC orientation unique? 

BC orientation is unique in the sense of its Jesuit Catholic tradition. Not only do we invite the incoming class to mass, welcoming them into the university but we also drill into the students and their families the value that we hold over service and generosity. We do not focus on our statistics or on studies, but we teach them during orientation that BC makes men and women for others and to be constantly reminded of the challenge set upon each student: Go set the world aflame.  


What is one piece of advice that you have given and will continue to give incoming freshmen?

Get involved. Try out new things, I found home with a group of people that I would never have met if it wasn't for being daring and trying out new things.

Any tips on for incoming freshmen on how to get the best out of orientation?

Enjoy the process. Be open to it and come ready to meet a ton of new people. It's a chance for each freshmen to get to know some of their classmates before arriving in the fall so try to meet as many people as you can.

Having gone through your first sessions as an OL, has the experience differed from what you thought it would be? Any surprises?

I thought it would be very structured and without a lot of time to think but there is a lot of time and space that allows each OL to put their own personality into orientation. Whether it be the activities or the conversations we have, it is definitely up to the OL to plan out orientation. I have also been surprised by how attached we get as OLs to the students. It's sad seeing them leave after every session but I'm excited to see them all again in the fall.