Bright Lights, Bigger City: Welcome to New York

Whenever I envisioned myself living in New York, I usually imagined some combination of this:



Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 5.20.26 PM

Gossip Girl, I'll always love you.

and this:

Best show ever.  Screen Shot by Jillian Timko / Gavel Media

Best show ever.

Unfortunately for me, I have neither Cee Lo’s swag, Blair Waldorf’s wardrobe, nor the unrealistically large apartment in Friends. Instead, I am a lowly intern, sharing a studio apartment, and the only shopping I’ve done so far has been of the window variety. I walk and ride the subway instead of taking cabs (or even better, limos), I cringe every time I see that extremely high New York sales tax at the bottom of my receipt, and I have yet to discover my version of McClaren’s or Central Perk.

Despite my overall lack of everything the entertainment industry associates with New York City, I have still managed to have a fabulous first week living here. I love my internship, my studio is small but functional, and I’ve got my subway commute down to a science.  I even went grocery shopping and was almost able to forget about the sales tax I paid when I cooked the first meal for my roommate and I in our apartment.

gavel3And while I may not have found the perfect bar or café to become a “regular” at, I’ve discovered a bagel place right near my apartment, located the nearest Starbucks, and tried out a handful of bars in different neighborhoods. That’s not so bad for only one week.

The best thing about New York is that, even though I might not be living quite the “lifestyle” I always imagined, everything I ever thought about this city has so far turned out to be true.Is it a clean city? Hardly. Are the people nice? Rarely. Is it unbearably hot in the summer? Without a doubt. But is it one of the most interesting places to live and work in the world? Absolutely. 

New York City attracts people from all different walks of life, with different backgrounds and different goals. There are restaurants for every different type of international cuisine you could imagine, and I hear three or four different languages just riding the subway to work everyday. And yet the greatest thing about New York is that, despite all the different types of people, everyone is there for the same reason: they love New York. They love the New Yorker attitude, and can dish it as good as it's dished to them. They love the hustle and rhythm of the city. They love the flashing lights and the music pouring out of theaters and restaurants and bars every night. They love living in a place where everyone loves living there as much as they do.

And if I ever do start to feel left out of the glamorous New York lifestyle of my dreams, all I have to do is go up on the roof of my building, and take in the view.


I see you Empire State Building.  Photo By Jillian Timko / Gavel Media

I see you Empire State Building.

It’s certainly a better view then the one from my boyfriend and his friend’s apartment, with their own real-life Ugly Naked Guy across the straight. 

He's back.  Photo By Jillian Timko / Gavel Media

He's back.

Friends might be a more realistic TV show then I thought...

Screenshots and photos by Jillian Timko/Gavel Media.  El-Pelon-Ad81111