“Mad Men” Season 6, Episode: The Quality of Mercy

“Did you mention that cran-prune sounds like a glass of diarrhea?”-Ginsburg

 After last week’s heartbreak-filled episode, I prepared myself for the worst. I figured Don could deal with his guilt one of two ways. Either he’d revert back to his old ways with a new cruelty and enthusiasm or he’d finally change in the way that he has been hinting at all season. Unfortunately, the former occurred. In this episode, Don the monster emerged. And things got ugly.


 How does Don Draper cure a hangover?

I know, this is a question that has been on your mind for a while. The answer was right in front of us all along—with more alcohol, of course. We know things are going to go downhill when he starts off the episode with some spiked O.J. The truth is, (I'm a genius, and...) I was right, losing Sally is really too much for him to bare. It's the most guilt he has every experienced.

Kenny Cosgrove: the tap-dancing-one-eyed wonder 

At the beginning of the episode, when Kenny gets shot while hunting…I was convinced he was dead. Things have been pretty grim around the office, and I thought it would be fitting. But then I remembered this…Weiner’s declaration that “…no one’s going to die.” (after Lane Pyrce that is). So Cosgrove, as usual, provided some great comic relief. Of course Kenny, of all people, gets shot in the eye whilst hunting and is then forced to wear an eye patch. (LOL moment: When Kenny dried a tear underneath his eye-patch).  Ah Kenny, I want to feel sad for you but you make me want to do this…yes that is a Daft Punk remix.

Adios, Harry

Harry had a really small part in this episode…but my hatred for him magnified it in my mind.  I absolutely approved of Don's marvelously simple statement, “Adios, Harry.” Because, honestly, aren’t those the only words we ever really feel like saying to Harry Crane…?  (Also another LOL moment: when Don says, “You finally found a hooker who’ll take traveller's checks?”)

The office gets juicy! Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

The office gets juicy!
Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Peggy and Ted: The Cran-Prune duo

Their flirtation was out of hand this week. I wanted to believe that Ted’s virtuousness would get in the way of any affair between them…but he’s slowly caving. Unfortunately, the start of their relationship was about as successful as cran-prune juice was when they started selling it in stores...AKA it was a huge failure (…ok I made that up, but really who would drink cran-prune juice?)

The Battle of Ted and Don resumes

One display of Don’s newfound monstrosity…he resumes his favorite hobby: Ted-bullying. Clearly, Don’s so consumed by self-hatred and sadness that he takes it all out on the people around him. His favorite victim? Ted. Losing Sally is already too much for him to handle…so losing Peggy to Ted really pushes him over the edge. Seeing the two of them canoodling kills him. Don claims that he humiliates Ted for the good of the company, but we all know its for personal pleasure. When Don can’t deal with his own problems, he likes to create ones for the people around him.

The Boarding School “Plastics”

Step aside Regina George, here we have the vintage “Plastics”. I didn’t see this coming. I thought Sally’s trip the boarding school would be slightly uneventful…but apparently rich-boarding-school-girls were pretty B.A. back in the day. At first, I thought that maybe Sally would be a total outcast. But it turns out, Sally has decided to embrace her inevitably identity: The messed-up-rich-girl-with-daddy-issues…much like every other girl in the boarding school.  They definitely bring out the worse in her, but so do her parents. I cant really decide which is worse. ALSO, Glen is back!!! I found him slightly creepy before, but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the grown-up-Glen (although him and his friend have zero game… “I’m good with my hands.”…really?)

JK…Bob Benson is actually…DON DRAPER!

Ok, last week many people thought we’d uncovered the final truth about Bob Benson…but him being gay was only part of it. (I’m actually sort of wondering if that was just a power move…) I KNEW IT. The truth is, Bob Benson is…Don Draper. Ok, not literally. But everything about him mirrors Don. He’s a nobody with a fake identity who just happened to get into the industry with natural talent and good-lucks. What does it all mean? Is this Don’s next threat…?

The merciful pig Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

The merciful pig
Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Pete the merciful Pig

I know it’s considered bad form to compliment Pete the Pig two weeks in a row…but I gotta hand it to the guy…he’s been all sorts of bearable in the last few episodes.  He’s the one who finds out the truth about Bob Benson…and what does he do…? He lets him off the hook. Wow, is Petey maturing? I think he’s realized that he’ll never be able to mess with guys like Don and Bob. They’ll always be naturally superior. I’m proud of you Pete (Believe me, I hate myself for saying that).

Frank Gleason’s last idea

Poor Frank Gleason. Never properly mourned (by anyone but Ted)…and always the office joke. In this week’s episode Don the monster used Gleason’s death as a way to shame and humiliate Ted. It was slightly brilliant, and extremely cruel (what better way to describe Don).

“My father’s never given me everything” –Sally Draper

OH $#T! Don Draper isn’t the only one with a mini-me emerging on the show. As Sally said this line, sitting next to her mother in the car while they simultaneously smoke cigarettes, she looked just like Betty Draper. The hair, the cigarettes, the unhappiness, and the hatred for Don Draper. Also, Sally might start out-swagging Don. Her personality is starting to show, and she’s pretty B.A…she seemed almost as tortured as her father is as she looked out the window and non-chalantly held her cigarette.

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media

Screenshot by Sameet Dhillon/Gavel Media