What to do when you go home for the summer

Finals are over. Tears may have been shed and the weight begins to lift off your shoulders as you journey home for the summer. When parents see an overworked-shell that somewhat resembles their child, they will most likely jump into superhero mode and ask a million dollar question: what do you want to do first?


The first thing a student home for the summer wants to do will probably not be the same thing that parents have in mind. Maybe a big family dinner with some one-on-one time with mom or dad asking question after question is not what the doctor ordered after living in Bapst or O’Neill for the last week, but it is important to your folks. Believe it or not, they have missed seeing your clothes left on the bathroom floor and your unwashed dishes in the sink, so give them a taste of what this semester had in store before running off with high school friends. Plus, being nice to your parents and opening up about school will make them see you more as an adult, which will be important when the time to discuss curfew and other rules comes around.

Courtesy of Billy Foshay / Gavel Media

Courtesy of Billy Foshay / Gavel Media

Taking time to relax and unwind before a hectic summer of catching up with old friends begins is completely and totally necessary. Sleep a full eight hours, take a long shower without flip-flops or even indulge in a bath. Being at ease and rejuvenated will be important to starting the summer off right.
As other colleges begin to let out and friends trickle back home, take the time to talk to your friends individually. Seeing half of your graduating class at a party can be overwhelming, but making a point of seeking people out will give everyone the satisfaction of having someone listen to their stories. Grabbing coffee or lunch to “catch up” can get old fast, so mix it up by making house calls and enjoying the sun while hearing all about life at another college.

Boston Public Garden Courtesy of Christie Merino / Gavel Media

Boston Public Garden
Courtesy of Christie Merino / Gavel Media

The food at BC may be consistently rated as some of the best college food available, but it does get old. Instead of getting into another food rut by having mom make all of your favorites every night for a month, space out the comfort food and try some new stuff in between. Cooking instead of being waited on can also be a great change of pace, especially for anyone that doesn’t yet know how to cook (no, toast does not count).

Forgetting about any and all responsibilities during the beginning of summer is well deserved after the crazy year every BC eagle has endured. Take the time to recuperate and recover from finals so summer can be enjoyed to the very fullest and take advantage of every perk home has to offer. Believe it or not, you'll be on your way back to BC before you know it.



Christie Merino