6 quirky classes you wish BC offered

Some universities are known for offering classes with unbelievable titles and an even more incredible class description. Universities such as New College Florida have the line “follow rare animals up 150-foot trees” in their course descriptions. Here are a few courses that students everywhere would want their universities to offer.

1. Cosmo Says You’re Fat? I Ain’t Down With That

While BC does offer a class that analyzes the Sustainability Theory, it still does not offer a basic nutrition class. UCLA offers this Sir Mix-A-Lot entitled course, ‘Cosmo Says You’re Fat? I Ain’t Down With That.’ Offered to freshmen, this course teaches students how to eat well. A basic nutrition class is arguably one of the most important classes a student can take. The notorious ‘freshman 15’ would be history and instead, students could learn why eating mozzarella sticks every night probably isn’t the best idea. With so many students living on and off campus with kitchens, a basic nutrition class should not only be offered, but mandatory.


Courtesy of Flickr/SelbeB

2. Christian Theology and Harry Potter

Analyzing sin, evil, and resurrection through all seven books of Harry Potter? This is one question Yale University knew everyone would answer ‘yes’ to and made a class out of it.


Courtesy of Flickr/Addcited2reading


3. Toy Lab

MIT offers an elective that at first sight, would make anyone jump to register for it. It’s better than the title suggests. Students are challenged with the task of designing and creating a toy and then given $750 to build it. Their grade however, is decided by the children who test them and their responses.

4. Peruvian Amazon Field Course

The few lucky students who snag a spot in this coveted course at New College of Florida spend their class hours suspended up to 20 stories high watching sloths sleep. This adventurous tree climbing class also teaches students how to radio-tag animals and conduct biodiversity surveys.

1615968569_58f7f53cb5 Courtesy of Flickr/Dr_Heat

5. Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Because, why not? The University of California at Berkeley offers this unique class that teaches students how to create a software that searches for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence by using a supercomputer that “taps the power of millions of PCs all over the world.” If there’s any class that would keep you on your toes, it’s this one.


6. Great Hoaxes and Fantasies in Archaeology

As far as archaeology classes go, any student would be lucky to be able to take this. Yale University gives students the opportunity to delve into topics of fantasies and myths when looking back and analyzing the most famous archaeological discoveries. A real life Indiana Jones, Professor Honeychurch at Yale University gets his students involved and interested in the topic. Plus, it was mentioned in Gossip Girl.


Courtesy of Flickr/JCRichardson

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