9 ways to get through the end of the semester

With one month left in the semester, here are some tips to enjoy the spring weather and survive finals.

1. DON’T count down the days until summer

Everyone has that friend that started the summer countdown 200 days ago and knows exactly how many hours and minutes are left until sweet freedom. That can be a little frustrating. Like counting the seconds until class ends, this could make the process feel longer. Avoid driving yourself crazy by only thinking about the awesome end that is to come, because come it shall.

2. DO count down the days to on-campus events

Making and reaching shorter countdowns are a lot more satisfying and makes the last few weeks go by faster. Among the many anticipated on-campus events are the GLC Gala, Holi, Plexapalooza, Marathon Monday, and oh yeah- Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis! Not to mention Senior Week for those who may not be so excited about a rapidly ending semester.

Screen shot by Katelyn Crowley

Screen shot by Katelyn Crowley

3. Enjoy the nice weather (while it lasts)
There are very few weeks out of the year that BC students get to sport their colored shorts and pinnies without freezing, so dust off those Frisbees and flip flops and enjoy the limited possibilities of laying outside in the sun with friends.

4. Take advantage of your last few weekends here
As little time as there is left in the semester, there are even fewer weekends. Have that theme party you never got around to throwing. Go to that restaurant in Boston you never had a chance to try. Go to a Mod party (for the sake of consistency). Soon enough, students will leave campus and all the experiences that are singular to a BC education will be gone.

5. Start taking pictures
Like the Instagram or Tumblr challenges, try taking a picture every day. This will make it a lot more fun to get through the days. By the end of the year, there will be a longer than one syllabic answer to the never ending question of, “What do you do at school?” from parents. Reflecting on the last month will not be one big, fuzzy blur, but a series of funny pictures sparking forgotten inside jokes and days that raised a smile.

6. Use BC resources
There are a lot of BC offices and resources that can’t be accessed as efficiently from home. If a gym membership is not an option at home, take advantage of the Plex the last few weeks of the semester. Use resources like the Career Center and Counseling Services while making personal one-on-one appointments is still an option.

Screen shot by Katelyn Crowley

Screen shot by Katelyn Crowley

7. Balance your work-fun ratio
This month is when most people might find it difficult to keep up in classes. Being so close to the end can be a huge distraction from classes.  Keep a balance; there’s no need to move into the library or skip class for a solid month to “catch up on sleep”.

8. Go hard (in classes)
Take this last month as a challenge. There’s still time to catch up in classes. Now’s the time to start thinking about that final you want to absolutely conquer. The only thing better than going home for summer is going home for summer with a hard earned and well-deserved A.

9. Spend more time with friends
For those whose friend groups span several time zones, now is the moment to really put an effort into friendships. Summer won’t be the easiest time to keep in touch with friends and it's not the same as living with your friends on campus. With only four years to live in the tight-knit BC community with friends, make the most of your time together.

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