10 reasons why CoRo isn't the worst thing to happen to you

With everyone freaking out about housing, it’s important to remember that no matter where you are, you will be fine. Living on CoRo does NOT mean you will never go to parties and be a social outcast. You are literally five minutes from Lower. That being said, let’s examine the best parts of living up on College Road:

1. Communal bathrooms

There’s something to be said about having communal bathrooms. Mainly, that you don’t have to clean them. Figuring out a schedule for everyone to clean is hard enough, let alone dealing with people who don’t want to clean the bathroom at all. Putting that off another year is definitely something to be appreciated.

2. No noise

This might not sound like a huge perk, but come next semester and finals week, the new CoRo residents will be grateful they don’t have to deal with huge crowds of people walking outside their dorms at 3 A.M. on any given night yelling or singing at the top of their lungs.

Photo by Itzel Ayala

Photo by Itzel Ayala

3. Relaxed environment

Anyone can tell you that getting written up on CoRo is pretty rare. Unless there’s something completely out of control, chances are the residents are not dealing with stressed RAs who have to deal with entire dorms violating noise levels and residents with a party on every floor.

4. Smaller community

While most of the sophomores are on Lower, there’s still a large amount on CoRo. Having traditional style rooms gives residents the opportunity to make friends with their floormates.

Photo by Itzel Ayala

Photo by Itzel Ayala

5. Newton to CoRo is still an improvement

Coming from Newton, main campus will always be an improvement. Plus, Newtonites will get to experience all the possible types of housing BC has to offer.

6. Closer to classes

Seriously classes are five minutes away, two if sprinting. Schedule all classes in Stokes and moving past the quad, other than on weekends, won’t ever be necessary.

7. The dining hall is closer

Speaking of close, Mac is right across the street. When leaving the Mods or any party on a weekend, going to Lower for Late Night means dealing with huge crowds of people, police officers, and rowdy students. If residents are already going home, they’ll see that going to Mac means substantially shorter lines and a much cleaner eating area.

Photo by Itzel Ayala

Photo by Itzel Ayala

8. Living with only one person is easier

Going from one roommate to seven can be a stressful and often difficult transition. Getting a quad or even a double on CoRo means getting used to living with a new person or even the same roommate in a stress-free environment.

9. Living with one person you know is better than six people you don’t know

Living with friends can be fun, living with strangers could be a challenge. Filling a suite with random people might get you to Lower, but on CoRo residents most likely are living directly with people they already know and are friends with.

10. You will get over it

Honestly, the worst part about CoRo, is finding out that after a stressful week of housing, there was nothing else that could be done. Living with friends is important, because what matters is who you’re living with, not where.