Overheard at BC: Online edition

It’s here just when you were beginning to get bored and miss BC.  Read on for some hilarious overheard quotes that we've been saving to counter your mid-winter-break blues.

Courtesy of Biso/ Wikimedia Commons

"He's very cute when you're drunk and he's serving you fried food." -Lower

"Make sure you win college.  That's the best advice I can give you. Win." -Alumni at last football game

Courtesy of Dean Beeler/ Wikimedia Commons

"Holidays are a time for loneliness and alcoholism." -The Mods

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

"Do you like cocaine and waffles?" -Late Night

Courtesy of Dana Robinson/ Wikimedia Commons

"I think I need to take shots by myself..." -Stayer Hall

Courtesy of WikedKentaur/ Wikimedia Commons

"Writing burns a lot of calories.  I should write more." -Eagle's Nest