10 Things You Didn't Know About Social Media

Every day in today’s world, hundreds of millions of users log into social media accounts, even more so today by mobile devices. Most of us don’t stop to think about the logistics when we check Facebook and tweet every day. Here are 10 things most people don’t know about the social media community:

1. 488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile and 50 percent of Twitter users are using the social network via mobile.

The number of people who own smartphones has skyrocketed in the past few years, making websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. more accessible. Their success can be attributed in large part to the number of users on mobile devices.


Photo courtesy of Albert Sheinemann/Flick

2. 25 percent of users on Facebook don't bother with any kind of privacy control.

Despite the continuous warnings to set up privacy settings, still ¼ of users don’t have any at all. This could be because of the many times Facebook has readjusted or changed their privacy settings, which resets what users already have until they go back and change it. Users cannot keep up with the numerous times that privacy settings must be changed.

3. More than 1 million websites have integrated with Facebook in various ways.

The Internet is more closely connected than we think. One million websites are connected, not including the individual links people post to other third party websites. Thanks to websites like Facebook, users are made aware of thousands of websites that might be relevant to them.


screenshot by Gillian Freedman

4. Barack Obama's victory tweet was the most retweeted tweet ever with over 800 thousand retweets.

This tweet had the caption “Four More Years” and a picture of Barack Obama triumphantly hugging Michelle Obama. In recent elections, specifically the past two, social media websites were played an important role for voters voicing their opinions.

5. The USA's 141.8 million accounts represent 27.4 percent of all Twitter users.

Perhaps one of the most surprising statistics, as it is easy to forget how large the non-American Twitter population is. It’s too easy to forget that Americans are only a small percentage of the users on Twitter.

6. Instagram Users uploaded more than 800,000 photos of Hurricane Sandy using the hashtag #Sandy.

Some of these social media websites are spewing information and news faster than news sources. 800 thousand photos were being taken instantly informing the world on what was happening.


photo courtesy of Gillian Freedman

7. More than 5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day.

Five million. Daily. If this doesn’t seem like an obscene amount, think about how it took Instagram a mere 10 months after its launch to reach the 150 million pictures mark.

8. Facebook's billion dollar valuation of Instagram makes the less-than-two-year-old startup more valuable than the 161-year-old The New York Times Company. The New York Times Company is currently valued at around $946 million.

If this doesn’t show how much today’s world values social media, nothing does. One of the oldest and most respected news sources in the country is being valued at less than a new picture sharing app.


Photo courtesy of Gillian Freedman

9. 97 percent of the fans of Pinterest's Facebook page are women.

It’s no secret that most people use Pinterest for interesting DIY projects or creative cooking lessons, but a 97% female following on Facebook? While this doesn’t accurately portray the gender demographics on the actual website, it’s an astonishing statistic nonetheless.


Screenshot by Gillian Freedman

10. 48 percent of Fortune Global 100 companies are now on Google+

While Google+ had a slower launch than expected and didn’t see as much success as predicted, it is growing now and is expected to have 400 million users by the end of this year alone. It is starting with the larger companies and some predict that soon it will be another necessary profile for anyone seeking a job.