Coolest inventions of 2012

1. Indoor Cloud

For a few moments, you can have your very own cloud to admire in the comforts of the indoors. Of course, the surrounding temperature and humidity must be meticulously tracked, as this is a fairly difficult procedure, but it's definitely worth it.

2. A Civilization Starter Kit

Don't lie; at one point the idea of the 2012 apocalypse has seemed frighteningly real. Now, thanks to the civilization kit, starting up again won't be so difficult. It includes plans, videos, and pictures detailing how to build all the machinery necessary to maintain a decent sized civilization.

3. Liquiglide

The age old problem of getting the ketchup out of the bottle has been solved. Thanks to a group of MIT students, with this new material meant to hold liquids and slide them off easily, the ketchup issue will be a thing of the past.

4. Home HIV Test

For many without medical insurance, this could potentially be a lifesaver. Only requiring $40 and 20 minutes of your time, this device uses a saliva swab to detect the signs that lead to HIV, saving people from trips to the doctor and waiting days for results.

5. Solar Water Distiller

This invention is meant for third world countries in coastal areas. For $50, this device could significantly improve, if not save, the lives of thousands who live without a proper supply of clean water. It is solar-powered, which means that it is rechargeable at no cost to the user and it is highly effective.

6. Enable Talk Gloves

The Enable Talk Gloves use motion sensors to detect the movements of the hands of those who are hearing impaired. While wearing the gloves, someone can speak in sign language by making the motions and the gloves will use a built-in speaker system to "speak" aloud. This makes communication much easier, as people who do not know sign language can now translate.

7. Nike Flyknit Racer

These revolutionary running shoes designed by Nike weigh in at 5.6 oz. and use only a single thread wrapped around them. This feather-light shoe is optimal for runners.

8. Wingsuit Racing

If you have $600 - $2,000 to spare, consider the Wingsuit. It's a bat-like suit that has the ability to allow consumers to glide through valleys and jump off cliffs at 5,000 ft. AND live to tell the story. It's a win- win situation.

9. Baxter

Previous robots have been kind of creepy-looking, but Baxter is a completely different story. At $22,000 this little robot is adorable and performs simple tasks such as packing and storing. Perfect for setting him to clean your room and pretending you have your own personal Wall-E.