The next generation of social networking: is a personal promotion website that allows anyone to create his or her own profile showcasing whatever the user wishes, be it singing, dancing, writing, business skills, volunteering and more. Its unique purpose is to “highlight you at your best, and help you position yourself for life-changing opportunities both personally and professionally – we help you land the school, job, team, musical group, or dance troupe of your dreams.” Each profile consists of five general sections through which one can post: Hear, See, About, Read, and Watch. This gives people the opportunity to post in whatever fashion they choose.


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Unlike a resume, seeks to create a profile not just focusing on what people have done, but on what they want to do, their hopes, their dreams and their goals. Providing a space for videos, pictures and writing gives people an opportunity to show samples of their work.

However, the website is not championed as a place for individuals to simply post profiles and hope to get recognized, actually, it is quite the opposite. incorporates social media concepts to create what they say is “[A] community of inspiration and aspiration. A community of great people doing great things, and encouraging others to do the same. Whoever you are, whatever you do, your awesome belongs here.”

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By making this website in a community format, users can not only showcase their own talents, but also search and find people with similar interests and goals. It’s a networking website for people searching for these kind of connections. is also a creative outlet for those who want to express more than what can be written down on paper. Instead of saying you’re in a band, you can show people your performances or songs you have written. This website is more than just an opportunity to archive talents, but a way to connect with people and encourage artistic and intellectual growth.

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The "About Me" section includes links to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking websites— it even allows users to attach a resume. The profiles can be as professional or fun as the users want, giving them “carte blanche” on how they wish to portray themselves. It has similarities to websites such as LinkedIn, but is really unique in its purpose and mission to allow any user to create any type of profile. is a new website, currently in its Beta form. However, thousands of users have already taken advantage of this site to help launch their careers. The website says, “We didn’t come here to build a cool site. We came here to start a movement. We came here to change the world. Join us. Spread the word. Spread the message. Spread the love.”