Top 7 inspirational stories from Hurricane Sandy

Natural disasters are perhaps one of the most unfortunately opportune platforms to showcase humanity’s potential for kindness. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, people have been uniting to share resources with those who need it. Their moving stories are all triumphs in helping victims of the storm. Here are some tales that really shined.

1)   People shared electricity with anyone they could. Photos of people huddling around working outlets to reconnect with loved ones and the outside world are all over the Internet. Even CNN newscaster Anderson Cooper shared power from his truck in Hoboken to people needing to charge up their electronics.

2)   Dr. David Ores, a general practitioner on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, posted a photo on his Tumblr that he was giving free medical care. He also handed out 80 sandwiches on the street for two days.

3)  Runners who would have participated in the cancelled New York City Marathon ran supplies to victims on Staten Island. Decked out in orange tee shirts and carrying backpacks of goods, the runners took an unexpected route to hand out necessities.

4)   Free food, even coffee and ice cream bars, were given out on the streets in New York City. Whole Foods handed out free fruit while other markets grilled food on the street. The New York Public Library donated food to those in need.

5)   A resident rescued victims by Jet Ski from flood waters in Little Ferry, New Jersey. Extra points to him for being generally cool.

6)   A young boy did magic tricks in exchange for relief donations.

7)   Pet hospitals that are doing what they can to make receiving aid easier. The Banfield Pet Hospital, the world’s largest veterinary practice, donated free office visits and physical exams.