Twitter: Hurricane Sandy

Thank you Hurricane Sandy for getting class canceled! In gratitude, Sandy’s awesome Twitter account: @AFrankenStorm.

Courtesy of Twitter: @AFrankenStorm

Top 8 Tweets:

1. “HOLO = Hurricanes Only Live Once”

2. “On Wednesdays, we f*ck up the East Coast”

3. “I hope Rihanna’s umbrella is big enough for all of you”

4. “Hurricane Sandy for president”

5. “Just blew a lap top into the ocean.  Now a dell is rolling in the deep.”

6. “Wake up in da mornin feelin like destroyin cities grab mah glasses I’m out da door Ima f*ck up New York City”

7.  “Destroying the Jersey Short cast for you guys. #YOURWELCOME”

8. “Oh my God Karen you can’t just ask a hurricane why she’s only a category 1”

Follow now for more hilarious tweets as we ride out the storm.