The 10 ways to survive Parents' Weekend

With Parents’ Weekend coming up, you're probably excited to see your family, but dreading having to introduce them to your newfound friends.  Read these rules and reflections from Parents’ Weekend veterans and we promise you'll survive.

Photo by Gillian Freedman/GavelMedia

1.  Do go to the Boston Pops Concert – because this is the only year you will go (unless your mother is obsessed with the Pops, like mine).  The Pops are amazing to see in person and it's really cool that they come to BC to play every year.  But after the first time, it gets pretty old; it's a long concert and cuts into going out that night.  So go this year, and enjoy it with the knowledge that you'll never have to go again.

2.  Speaking of going out, Parents’ Weekend can be pretty dead for freshmen because students are preoccupied with their families.  Take it in stride and enjoy the down time by eating some extra dessert at dinner rather than trying to make it back to the dorms in time to go out.

3.  If you do happen to find a party to go to, take it easy.  Even if you have super-cool parents who don’t care that you drink, it still isn’t okay to show up to Saturday’s football game hungover—or worse, at brunch on Sunday when your Mom expects you to gobble down at least six pancakes.  Do yourself a favor by showing them that you are smart enough around alcohol to avoid having to wear sunglasses indoors while they’re visiting.

4.  Don’t let your parents go with you to class on Friday.  Otherwise, the boy sitting next to you will hit on you in front of your dad, who will later mock you for it (true story).  Also, your dad will ask the professor questions in front of your 300-person Microeconomic Principles class in Devlin 008 (again, true story).

5.  Know that if your parents insist on going with you to class, you won’t be the only one, and it won’t be the end of the world (although it might seem like it at the time).  No one remembers that incident except for myself, my dad, and maybe the boy who hit on me.

6.  Having younger siblings come stay with you is cool.  Having younger siblings who come stay with you and drink more than all your friends combined is not.

7.  That said, do not act like a parent.  Just cheerfully remind your beer-chugging seventeen-year-old brother that he has to get up at 7:30 for brunch the next morning.

8.  If your parents want to go to all the parent activities that are available, let them—they won’t want to go again in subsequent years.  And if they don’t want to go, don’t worry that they’re missing anything.

9.  If your family can’t make it to Parents' Weekend, don’t worry about being left out.  More likely than not, someone else’s parents will take you out to dinner, and you should never, ever turn down a free non-dining hall meal (that’s a rule for life, not just Parents’ Weekend).

10.  Above all, enjoy the weekend.  It might be stressful having your parents around, but remember that they just want to see how awesome BC is and how great you’re doing after a couple weeks of being here.  If you show them that, everyone will have a great time.  Plus, everyone is embarrassed by his or her family at least some of the time, so if you’re worried about that, your friends probably are too.