BC Twitter account: @NotCoachSpaz

New Boston College-related accounts appear every year on Facebook, Tumblr, memes and, of course, Twitter.  With so many clever BC hashtags cropping up, it’s easy to miss some of the more hilarious accounts, like @NotCoachSpaz.

Everyone is sincerely proud of the fact that BC has an all-star Division I football team. Just imagine Saturday afternoons without tailgating at the Mods! But for all of you who slink out of the games early, or slyly change the subject from BC football to BC hockey when people ask about college sports, you definitely should be following @NotCoachSpaz.

It’s a hilarious account that sarcastically makes fun of the team and the famously incompetent Coach Frank Spaziani. Some of its best Tweets are “The end-zone is lava!!! #BCEagles;” "300 followers!!! Probably more than will be in the stands by the end of the season #BCEagles;” and “I knew I forgot something this summer #BCEagles" with a picture of a to-do list with "Eat donuts," "Take nap," and "Cross arms" crossed off as completed and the fourth item "Coach defense" still unfinished.

So if you’re procrastinating from homework and need a good laugh, you should peruse the account @NotCoachSpaz.

Screenshot by Gillian Freedman