The Gate gets a new name

For those of you who haven't heard already, the dorm 110 St. Thomas More Rd., affectionately called "the Gate" and often compared to a comfortable hotel, will be officially named Stayer Hall on this Friday, September 7 at 5 P.M. in honor of the generosity the Stayer Family has shown Boston College.

Events include a formal naming ceremony outside the Gate as well as a reception with food, free t-shirts and other surprises.

Similar to last year when Campanella was named Maloney Hall, many students claim that they will not call the Gate by its new name, either out of habit or out of sentiment.  As a current resident of the Gate, I can vouch for this feeling.  So far I have always said I am living in the Gate rather than in Stayer Hall, partially out of habit and partially because I don't think my friends off campus would know what I meant otherwise.  However, I am excited that when I have to write out my address I can simply write "Stayer Hall" instead of "110 St. Thomas More Rd."

When asked if he thinks the class of 2016 will call the Gate by its new name, freshman Seamus Cassidy says, "I don't know a lot of the dorm names on Lower yet, so I haven't really heard of the Gate. I'm guessing most freshmen will call it whatever they hear the upperclassmen calling it."

It looks like it might take a couple years for the Gate's new name to stick.  Nonetheless, everyone should attend the exciting naming ceremony this Friday to show our thanks and support to the Stayer family.  Plus, there are free t-shirts, and who doesn't want one of those?